Homework for Week Five

  1. Finish worksheets
  2. Leading Homework: In any printed material, find an example bad leading. Bring it in  for discussion.
  3. First project for the Final Type Book:
    • Create a one page document, using our new class grid. Title for the page: Anatomy and Letterform (In the 5th Column)
    • (1st to 4th column) Type the name of your performer/character in Times (C/lc, approx. 120 pts, then adjust). Align the baseline of the word on the horizontal guide. Place a horizontal line indicating the baseline, meanline, and capline. Using at the line tool from your tool menu, set lines and/or arrow to identify the following:Baseline (use line tool/grey)
    • Meanline (use line tool/grey)
    • Capline (use line tool/grey)
    • x-height
    • Ascender
    • Descender
    • Counter
    • Eye
    • Serif

Saving your files:

  • Save your InDesign file as: ADV1227_yourname_anatomy
  • Then save again as a PDF:
  • Go to File > Export > Adobe PDF (Print)

Drop both files into your folder on the Dropbox. 

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