Classwork and Homework for Week 14

We will go over the final type books, which are due next week before the final.

The list of pages you should have:

  1. Cover Page 1 page
  2. Anatomy and Letterform 1 page
  3. 5 Families of Type 5 pages
  4. Examples of Type Variation 3 pages
  5. Alignment (Parts 1 and 2) 2 pages
  6. Text on a Path Variable Length
  7. Type Legibility (In Color) 1 page
  8. Type Color 1 page
  9. Typographic Hierarchy 1 page
  10. Typographic GridĀ  (sketch and final) 2 pages
  11. Putting It All Together 1 page

We will also review materials for the final exam.

Cover Sheet: Using the entire page, the student will create a balanced and well-conceivedĀ cover witht he following information:

  • Student Name
  • Class Title: Typographic Design 1
  • Instructor Name: Professor Libby Clarke
  • Title: Typography

Putting It All Together: Ā Students create a 1 page document. Students combine all elements discuss during semester to create a 1 page poster.Ā  This poster should display proper use of type, variations in type, visual hierarchy, and legibility issues.

  • Here is theĀ class templateĀ for todayā€™s work.
  • Here is a presentation on postersĀ for today.
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