Industry Leader/Organization Profile

Industry Leader/Organization Profile

Director of Revenue Management (DORM)
Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide.

I feel I am the right fit for this job, because I am a team player, very energetic, love to juggle multiple tasks, and will go the extra mile to get the job done. I am skilled in all the requirements, reliable and a hard worker. I get along well with all people and I love to learn and apply new skills.

I want to work for the Starwood family because I believe in its core values: “belief that people want a better way to experience the world extends not only to our guests and customers, but to our global team of associates, too”.

I want to be part of this amazing umbrella because of the exceptional service and personal touches that Starwood gives to their guests and because they demonstrate commitment to turning everyday moments into memorable branded experiences. I would love to enjoy the unparalleled experience that Starwood associates experience as they focus on leading not only working on winning the war for talent in this new age of guest expectation, but also because they are defining it.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts really fascinates me because they strive to challenge associates to grow through world-class training and development programs, which support differences across generations, cultures and geographies. This is of course without mentioning that as a truly global enterprise, operating more than 1,162 hotels and resorts in nearly 100 countries, Starwood embraces the fact that we are diverse and use that energy and creativity to power the hotel business, care for your communities and work toward environmental sustainability.

I want to reach my true potential with you as we continue to build the future of our industry.
I am the candidate you need for this position because I will work with the Director of Sales, Finance & General Manager in strategic planning and overall business goals relating to the Revenue achievement. Some of my strengths are:
• To ensure that all target market segments are developed for the long-term benefit of the hotel’s business
• To monitor in statistical format, the pick-up patterns, lead times and business trends
• To work with the team to promote internal sales and the up selling of all facilities
• To ensure that the Daily Selling Strategy is completed and checked before the morning meeting
• To ensure that all Electronic Distribution Systems are up to date at all times in order to maximize distribution and accommodation yield.
• To ensure that close out and freesale charts are up to date in order to gain maximum effect
• To carry out regular cross training between the revenue co-coordinators to ensure that everyone within the department is able to deal with all clients calls efficiently
• To Ensure all daily, weekly and monthly revenue management reports are up to date and are completed in accordance with standardized company procedures
• To Carry out ongoing refresher reservations training for all front office, and revenue staff on a regular basis, which is based around the effective implementation of the room’s management strategy
• To Ensure that regular departmental meetings are planned, take place, and are minuted to ensure follow through
• To Carry out regular team building events for the team to build on their individual strengths and ultimately on the teams strengths as a whole
• As part of the Business planning process, draw up a training plan for the department and implement along with scheduled team building activities for both the Revenue and House Departments
• To Prepare the annual room statistics and assist in other sections on the Business Plan production
• To host weekly Revenue Strategy Meetings in order to communicate strategy and develop corrective action for dip dates
• To be fully involved in the production of the business mix reports for the weekly rooms meeting, the monthly business meeting and the annual budgeting meetings
• To Carry out regular Departmental meetings with your team to discuss and resolve any issues that may arise

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