NYtimes Travel Section, Article 12.08.13

“The Latest Hotel Feature: A Smartphone”

In all business, but especially in the hospitality industry, it is extremely important to ensure hotels offers the latest technology in order to enhance a guest’ stay. This is becoming bigger and bigger everyday. Even housekeeping team members alert the front office team when a room is vacant clean through devices such as an Ipad, and other smartphones. If you also really think about it, these devices contribute to make a greener planet. Lights can be controlled through this simple device and so many other electronic appliances. In some hotels rooms keys also control the energy flow in the room; without a key no electronic device can be used, therefore if a guest leaves the room, all lights, television, microwave, etc, will be turned off. I think that technology like this should not only be offered in hotel suites, but to all rooms.

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