Homework 2. Tourism Chapter Questions/Answers

1. Give a broad definition of tourism and explain why people are motivated to travel.

Tourism is the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest. People travel for pleasure or business purposes. On today’s world, people are more motivated to travel because they want to discover new places, but more important to exchange cultural values.

2. Give a brief explanation of the economic impact of tourism. Name two organizations that influence or further the economic impact of tourism.

Since Tourism is basically a collection of organizations (Hotels, restaurants, TA’s, etc), these companies provide a tremendous support to the world’s economy. People always will have to travel, therefore lodgings and dinning options will always be needed therefore they will be on demand.

3. Choose a career in the tourism business and give a brief overview of what your responsibilities would be.

Director of Revenue Management (DORM, some responsibilities)

◦ To ensure that all target market segments are developed for the long-term benefit of the hotel’s business
â—¦ To monitor in statistical format, the pick-up patterns, lead times and business trends
â—¦ To work with the team to promote internal sales and the up selling of all facilities
â—¦ To ensure that the Daily Selling Strategy is completed and checked before the morning meeting
â—¦ To work with the Group Revenue Manager in order to ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from all Electronic Distribution Systems
â—¦ To ensure that all Electronic Distribution Systems are up to date at all times in order to maximize distribution and accommodation yield.
â—¦ To ensure that close out and freesale charts are up to date in order to gain maximum effect
â—¦ To carry out regular cross training between the Revenue coordinators to ensure that everyone within the department is able to deal with all clients calls efficiently
â—¦ Ensure all daily, weekly and monthly revenue management reports are up to date and are completed in accordance with standardized company procedures
◦ Carry out ongoing refresher reservations training for all front office, and revenue staff on a regular basis, which is based around the effective implementation of the room’s management strategy
â—¦ Ensure that regular departmental meetings are planned, take place, and are minute to ensure follow through

4. Discuss the positive and negative impacts that tourism can have on country in relation to tourism pollution and ecotourism.

Positive impact of tourism:

â—¦ Creates employment opportunities for local people
◦ Promotes cultural awareness and can help preserve local culture and
◦ Income from tourists can be used to develop local infrastructure and
â—¦ Foreign currency can help local people
◦ Natural features that attract tourists in the first place can be
protected using income from tourism

Negative effects of tourism
◦ Tourism can have a negative environmental impact. This is at a range
of scales.
◦ The increase in air travel has contributed towards
increased carbon dioxide
emissions. On a local level natural features
that attract tourists are themselves under threat due to human
◦ Often local people are employed in low skill, poorly paid work in
unsatisfactory working conditions
◦ Travel agents, airline companies and hoteliers benefit more than local 
â—¦ Help destroy local culture and traditions

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