NY Times weekly review 09.15

“Finding the Right Roadside Rooms”

The title of this article called my attention so much that I had to read it! Hotels/Motels that are on the “road” are so interesting and particular. All the details the author provided on this article are extremely familiar to me. I went to a motel a few years ago since I was traveling with my family and we needed to get some rest before arriving to our final destination. I can sincerely say that I’ve never seen such an unpleasant place, but most important service. Unfortunately, most motels’ customer service is known for not being the best one. Once again, service had nothing to do with the size of a property. We were told the price right away. We were taken to a room that was full of dust and the air conditioner was not even working. Therefore, I recommend to everyone that before paying to check the room and most important to “ensure you feel welcome”!

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