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BLOG #10

My experience interning with Top Captins Apparel has been great. The opportunity to design for this company was exciting but the opportunity to be able to see how a startup business operates was much more rewarding. In such short period of time my responsibilities at the company has grown however my schedule is still very accommodating. The knowledge that I gained as an intern was immense and I will continue to apply that knowledge to my day to day life and career. This internship helped me develop my time management skills having to face multiple deadlines for projects and miscellaneous tasks. I also learned that a business owner’s keen sense of detail promotes the success of their business. As an intern I saw first hand the importance of providing clear and detailed information to avoid mistakes.

    Another thing that I learned while interning with Top Captins was how to better prioritize tasks. My organizational skills improved because of this. The cork wall that the main designer would pin tasks to helped me maintain a steady work flow while allowing me to get ahead of the game and prepare myself for upcoming tasks. Throughout the duration of my internship I learned how to communicate professionally with various companies via email and over the phone. I realized that effective communication between A business and the companies they work together with promotes a healthy business relationship. Another thing that I enjoyed while interning  was the ability to met my creative mind run wild. I had a great time working on many different logo designs.

   My last day as an intern with Top Captins was on March 3rd 2018. The owner and main designer became so impressed with my work and ethic that they offered me a full time position on the Team. The starting salary that I was offered was more than what I was looking for in an entry level position and I couldn’t be happier. The atmosphere at the store is everything that I look for in a perfect working environment. As an official member of the team I feel valued and I feel that my creativity is respected. This internship helped me master logo, mock up/ Template, pattern , fashion tech pack and label design. I’m excited to put everything that I have learned from interning for 7 weeks to use. This is only the beginning to a great Graphic Design career.

Received complete order of embroidered patches .

“Black Olympic” Multi Colored Patches

“Winners Circle” Multi Colored Patches

“Fly High, Stay Low” Patches