Summary & Final Thoughts

When I look back at everything I learned while in interning this Spring semester I am in complete awe. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to learn more about the field that I would be In and get a better hand on experience. The knowledge that I gained while interning I am sure I would undoubtedly be able to apply it to my career. Many people aren’t fortunate to be able to jump start their career through college and internships and this was my reason for not taking it for granted. If I had to give advice to other college seniors it would be to take part in an intern opportunity because It would help to acquire more knowledge in their field and give them a better hands on experience so when they graduate they will have an idea of what to expect.

     The amount of knowledge that I acquired while interning at Top Captins Apparel has been immense. Designing logos for the company kept my skills sharp and I was able to push myself to new limits. I was able to self identify my strong points and the areas in which I lacked. Setting up orders for Overseas manufacturing helped develop my attentiveness because this process needs to be free of all errors for timely production. If an error isn’t caught before orders are sent out deadlines could be missed and that would cause major issues. While interning this semester I became a master at doing inventory. A proper inventory count is very important for the success of a business because that is how a company can have an idea of how they are doing, Supply and Demand and what they must tweak.  In addition to the many topics this internship expounded on I was able to try my hand and develop my skills with Label/Tag print designs, Fashion Tech Pack Designs and Pattern designs.

  I was very lucky to find this internship from a post on social media in January. The opportunities that are opening up because of it are endless and I couldn’t be happier. Throughout the duration of the semester I worked very hard and it showed. The owner of the company and the Main designer was so Impressed with the level of hard work that I displayed that they offered me full time employment with the company as a graphic designer. I was and to this day I am still very proud of myself. I wanted to prove to the owner that he wouldn’t regret hiring me as an intern and I think I accomplished what I sought out to do. This experience has been nothing short of amazing and If I had to do it all again I would without any issues. This internship opened my eyes to what’s to come in my field and I can say I am more than ready for it.

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