About Me

Carlos Cambridge

Carlos Cambridge is a graphic designer that provides professional and creative artwork and designs for various brands helping those brands better connect with their consumers in a beautiful way. His attention to detail allows him to creative works of art that are very clean and modern. The designs that are created by Carlos exhibits great versatility but all have a clean sophisticated similarity to is which is very important to the identity of his brand. Although his designs are very sophisticated they all have a very impressive sense of creativity and style. Carlos holds certifications in desktop publishing and visual communication, including an associate degree in digital Arts from TCI College where he graduated with honors.
As a child Carlos Cambridge begin drawing his favorite cartoon characters and movie stars. After his mother notice he had a bit of talent in drawing she enlisted him into an after school arts and crafts program. At this program Carlos would develop a great love for amazing artwork and drawings. He loved everything about it from the colors, the techniques and even the history. Over the year’s hardships in his life forced Carlos to put his love for art in the background while focusing on other aspects of his life. He worked many labor jobs outside of the artistic field and developed and passion and love for business and hard work. Eventually he found a way to combine both talents together. This was the beginning of his venture into a graphic design career.

Venturing into a graphic design career Carlos developed superb skills as he acquired knowledge in various communication design fields such as print design, web design, advertisement and more. Today Carlos’s Graphic design style reflects the combination of his passions of business and creativity. This can be seen through the types of clients he works with and the clean sophisticated look of his designs. Carlos specializes in logo design, branding & print design. His goals today are to provide his clients with satisfying artwork so they can better appeal to their consumers. Working as a freelancer Carlos has successfully designed and printed work for many companies and services.

Having a strong sense of hard work and dedication Carlos has created large goals for himself that he intends to accomplish. Every step he takes in his educational and professional life is geared towards a final goal of him own and running his own Graphic design, Advertisement & Print firm. Before accomplishing this goal Carlos understand that he needs to take various steps to solidify respect for his work and name in the design field. His various studies of typography use of clean lines and many other design traits Carlos works vigorously to perfect his craft and talents every day.