Promotional Mock Up Designs


This week was great. We received packaged merchandise that I had designed. Receiving this gave me such a good feeling because I was able to see the finished product in person. Seeing these projects completed really motivated me and made me more secure to graduate and head out into the field. The team was very impressed at the final product and I felt well celebrated for days to come. Since the team was very impressed with me I was compelled more than ever to not let them down and continue to create above average work.

  I was so proud of all the hard work I put in throughout the course of a few weeks. This internship has helped me work harder because there was no room for mistakes to be made. During these last few weeks I have become more comfortable with my colleagues double checking my work and making revisions as needed. I also got better at taking constructive criticism. When I first started this internship I would sometimes be bothered when my work was criticized and I would also have a hard time taking in advice when needed but this week I noticed that I have grown so much in that area. I began to start thinking of constructive criticism as something that Is needed for an artist’s growth instead of something negative.

“Fly High, Stay Low” Dad Hats


“Winners Circle” Hoodies