Week 12

On week 12, November 21st, we learned about the dipping technique which means to coat items in chocolate by using a fork. We utilized this technique to make Mozart bonbons, or “Mozart kugel”, almond joy, grand Marnier and pistachio marzipan.

Team A made Mozart Balls


Mozart Balls are pistachio balls covered with nougat while coated in dark chocolate. The balls rest like this until the chocolate is cool and hardened.

Team B made Grand Marnier

Unfortunately, the Grand Marnier did not work as well as we hoped, as we did not follow the recipe thoroughly. Hopefully, this can be used as a filling for our next class.

Team C made Almond Joy

The recipe for Almond Joy consists of melted butter, milk and vanilla. After these ingredients are mixed well, we then add coconut and almonds.

As we can see in the image above, Almond Joys were quickly topped with Almonds. It is crucial to temper properly so we will end up with a shiny product.

Team D Marzipan Balls

After kneading ground nuts and alcohol into marzipan, we then dipped into chocolate and set on a parchment paper.

Prof. Hoffman is showing us the forking technique.

Care must be taken during dipping to avoid defects such as air bubbles on already dipped pieces. Maintaining the chocolate at its proper temperature and texture during dipping will help to prevent this problem.

In order to prevent the thinning of the chocolate, it is necessary to pull around the base of the center and placing the dipping centers on the receiving tray. We then proceeded to slide them forward using a fork, until there is no longer a trail of chocolate.

At the time of dipping, various finishing techniques may be used, including making confections with the dipping fork, or garnishing their tops.

Once dipped, the centers are placed on a receiving tray, beginning on the side farthest away from the confectioner. This will keep the confectioner from dripping chocolate on already- dipped pieces.

Reese Cups

Mostly these cups taste more like chocolate, then actually Peanut Butter and chocolate. However, Amber used an ample amount of peanut butter, and you were certainly able to taste the difference.

Final Products