End of Internship

So this was the last week of my Internship for the class. The good news is that my supervisor has decided to keep me as a part time intern for the near future. We are unsure what my schedule will be exactly because there is another intern as well and we have to work around my other job. When school starts I am still not sure what I will do. If I will continue the internship along with the other job and school. It might be too much, so I might need to drop one of the jobs. I am also interested in looking for another internship to gain different experiences. All in all this internship was a better opportunity then I believed it would be at first glance, and I am glad I got it.


One thing I’ve noticed from reading all the internship posts on blackboard is that a lot of people are working in a corporate setting in Manhattan, in an office under a supervisor or Creative Director. My internship was quite a bit different because my supervisor is a freelancer. Its much more casual here then it would be in a building in the city. There are ups and downs to both opportunities so I am happy that I got a freelance internship right now. Freelance has always been on my mind so it is good to see what that option entails in case I want to go down that road in the future.


This week I was in charge of creating a 12 page menu for a place called Hanover Deli. This was a rather large project that took me approximately a day to finish. I decided to use a striped background, then i feathered the pictures so that it seemed as if they blended into the background. This is not the final version because the client has to look it over and fill in some of the information that is missing. We didn’t have all the information so I put question marks in any areas we were missing. Another intern was in charge of the cover while I was in charge of the inside pages.

Hanover Deli Menu 2016-min

Third Week into the fourth week

Continuing my work, this week I had to do a business card for Benvenuto, a restaurant in Manhattan and a receipt form for Hanover Deli.

Hanover Deli Receipt Form

The form for Hanover Deli was quick and easy. I just had to create a form that waiters could use to take orders and show the total price. I ended up using the tab tool for this to create those continuous lines. I used the underscore key as the “leader” and just tabbed it over multiple times.

Benvenuto BC Perry 2016Benvenuto BC Perry 20162

For this Business card i had to fit a lot of information on the card. I created a simple layout to organize it effectively. On the front the client wanted both of his logos large and visible, along with all three of his locations. On the back he wanted all the addresses again along with his name in a prominent position. This helped me decide to make the back vertical to make it easier to organize it all in a clean way. I used the green in the FLAT IRON CAFE logo to accent both sides.

Second and Third Week

Finally the Pure & Fresh client replied to us regarding feedback and our questions. He gave us the required information to continue working so I returned to that project. This time I worked on the Pasta board and the Sandwich board .

Pure & Fresh Pasta Board 60x48 CAPure & Fresh Pasta Board 60x48 CA2

For the Pasta board, again I created more then one iteration. I ended up bringing a few to my boss and she liked these 2 enough to send to the client for feedback. My personal favorite was the one on the left.

Pure & Fresh 60x48 Sandwich board2

The sandwich board which is visible above was fairly simple for me. The only issue was that there was a lot of text. I had to figure a way to put all the text on the page while separating the two categories. I ended up using a simple line to separate them.

Second Week

This week we still didn’t hear from the Pure & Fresh client so I am working on another project. My client this time was a pizza restaurant in Manhattan named Big Slice Pizza. My boss has done their work for a few months now and now they want some large horizontal menu boards. I was responsible for 2 such boards: One 72 x 7 and  the other 96 x 7.

Big Slice menu board 72x7  Big Slice menu board 96x7

This was my first time doing such a long banner of sorts. What I found was my biggest challenge was finding a way to fit everything on the specified size while still making things legible and organized. I found myself changing the font size more then I was used to because Iv’e never done anything like this, but eventually I figured out a good balance.

First few days continued

Continuing from my last post, The client didn’t get back to us for a while so my boss decided to assign me a different project in the meantime. The next thing i needed to do was create a breakfast order form for a place called The Mill.The Mill Breakfast Order form

This is the form I created. The client wanted all their information on  a small paper of 5.5 x 4.5. She wanted it in black and white and very simple and organized. This was not very difficult because the client already had an idea of what it would look like. She did a simple drawing of what it would look like so it was just up to me to recreate it. Id never done anything like this before so it was a good experience to recreate something that someone already drew. The image you see on top is the final product, what you don’t see is midway through we had to change the entire layout because the client gave us the wrong food items. The client emailed us when I was almost finished with the correct items to go on the form. All in all it felt like I wasted a lot of time, but im sure these things happen pretty often.

First few days

My Internship is at Calling All Graphics. A Brooklyn based graphic design firm mainly doing print jobs for restaurants in the form of Menus, Menu boards, Flyers, Logos and Forms. My first project was for a restaurant in Manhattan called Pure & Fresh. I was tasked with creating separate menu boards for the Sandwiches, Burgers, Pasta, Salad, Quinoa and Breakfast items.Pure & Fresh Burger Board 30x30 2016 CAPure & Fresh Breakfast Board 30x30 2016 CA Pure & Fresh Breakfast Board 30x30 2016 CA2

For the first day I finished the the Breakfast board and the Burger board. For the breakfast board I created 2 different designs which my boss liked so she decided to send both and see which the client preferred. I started the Quinoa board but the client had to get back to us on whether he wanted certain items in the board. My boss was happy with the 2 boards I completed and sent the client an email with some of the boards for feedback.