First few days

My Internship is at Calling All Graphics. A Brooklyn based graphic design firm mainly doing print jobs for restaurants in the form of Menus, Menu boards, Flyers, Logos and Forms. My first project was for a restaurant in Manhattan called Pure & Fresh. I was tasked with creating separate menu boards for the Sandwiches, Burgers, Pasta, Salad, Quinoa and Breakfast items.Pure & Fresh Burger Board 30x30 2016 CAPure & Fresh Breakfast Board 30x30 2016 CA Pure & Fresh Breakfast Board 30x30 2016 CA2

For the first day I finished the the Breakfast board and the Burger board. For the breakfast board I created 2 different designs which my boss liked so she decided to send both and see which the client preferred. I started the Quinoa board but the client had to get back to us on whether he wanted certain items in the board. My boss was happy with the 2 boards I completed and sent the client an email with some of the boards for feedback.