Third Week into the fourth week

Continuing my work, this week I had to do a business card for Benvenuto, a restaurant in Manhattan and a receipt form for Hanover Deli.

Hanover Deli Receipt Form

The form for Hanover Deli was quick and easy. I just had to create a form that waiters could use to take orders and show the total price. I ended up using the tab tool for this to create those continuous lines. I used the underscore key as the “leader” and just tabbed it over multiple times.

Benvenuto BC Perry 2016Benvenuto BC Perry 20162

For this Business card i had to fit a lot of information on the card. I created a simple layout to organize it effectively. On the front the client wanted both of his logos large and visible, along with all three of his locations. On the back he wanted all the addresses again along with his name in a prominent position. This helped me decide to make the back vertical to make it easier to organize it all in a clean way. I used the green in the FLAT IRON CAFE logo to accent both sides.