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Equipment Series Post: Stabilizers

Another key piece of equipment is a stabilizer. Stabilizers allow more the filmer to move more freely while skating and filming without worrying about too much shaking. A stabilizer also allows the filmer to hold a camera in one hand with all the weight centered into the stabilizer and one grip. The only time you dont need a stabilizer is when your using a video camcorder that already has a handle bar on top of the camera. like a Sony VX 1000 or 2000. A stabilizer is needed to hold a DSLR or a Go Pro nice and steady. The stabilizer not only helps smooth the video and makes holding the camera easier, the stabilizer allows for a microphone, light or both at the same time as attachments to the camera.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.24.46 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-16 at 6.46.41 PM

Equipment Series Post: Fisheye Lens


A fisheye lens is a type of lens that increases the angle of viewing. Which means you can see a lot more in the picture with a fisheye lens than a regular lens. This is very important when filming skateboarding. While a fisheye lens is not needed 100% of the filming. It is needed when a filmer needs to get close to the skater when filming the skater’s line. A line is a series of tricks done one after the other so for example a skater might start with a kickflip onto a 50-50 ledge 180 out. A fisheye lens will allow the filmer to get nice and close to the skater while he/she is skating their line and capture the obstacle plus the ride away as well:Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 4.15.06 PM

As you can see here Cyril Jackson is frontside flipping this bank gap. A fisheye lens is used here and it is obvious because of the wide angle of viewing and the “circle” like edges. As I mentioned before because of the fisheye lens you are able to see the skater’s trick, the whole obstacle, and the ride away at the bottom of the frame.

Now that I’ve told you what a fisheye lens is, IN GREAT DETAIL I’ll now show you posers your options. If you buy a Canon DSLR your options are fisheye lenses that will start from $700+ to $1000+.

If you buy a Nikon DSLR your options for a fisheye lens are just as expensive :(.

BUT THERE IS A HOPE! Theres no need to wallow in misery. Instead of a dedicated lens you can buy a screw mount lens which screws on top such as the Opteka Fisheye Lens. It screws right on top of the lens thats already mounted onto the camera.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 6.46.41 PM


The red circle is the fisheye attachment screw on lens and the green circle is a dedicated lens to the camera.


Equipment Series Post: Links to Low Budget Equipment, Cameras

Okay homies! hope you watched the intro my series about equipment. I had to break it down into different posts because I cant explain a bajillion amount of info in just one post. It took me 8 min of a video just to show and explain what I have in my camera bag. This post will primarily talk about cameras mostly DSLR cameras because of my experience.

First my camera :D: Canon T3i the link is a normal retail price brand new. You will find this same price at bestbuy, b&h, and other photography dedicated departments. Of course you can get it cheaper buying it used  but its better buy it brand new unless when you buy it used or refurbished, it comes with some kind of warranty. Like I said in the video its a great camera to start with because of its price for what its worth and its ease of learning as well.

NIKON D5200: The video Quality on this bad boy is GREAT. I like it a little more than my own because it gives more of a movie feel when filming than my own camera. Again just as the T3i this is also a great camera to start with for beginners as well.

Go Pro: The Go Pro cameras (they have different versions at different prices) are great cameras for filming action such as skateboarding. I suggest between the least expensive and most expensive its good to get the one in the The Go Pro Silver Edition. The most cheapest of all cameras that I’ve used and introduced to you today.


Equipment Series Post

With this series, I will point out my opinion on different equipment filmers can use in order to make the most steeziest of videos. Just to let you know I will only be covering equipment on the small budget side. I really dont want to go over expensive equipment because reviewing the equipment will mean I’d have to buy more equipment. Theres a reason why I like the small budget, I’m broke!

In the above video I will introduce my equipment. I will go over extensive detail about what I carry with me on a daily basis when filming with the homies.

Now I am not saying what I have is the best equipment for anybody but it can work very well anybody, especially new filmers.