Mission Statement


There are a lot of info out there online about filming and theres a bit of info on filming skateboarding. The best place to find help is through the Ride Channel. This blogs aims to fill in the gaps where the youtube channel misses and or other informational sites for filming skateboarding. Also help for the local filmer who has a tight budget.

Im no advanced filmer, Im still learning myself as I go and learn. I do want to share what ive learned from the filming that i have done up until now.

The tile of the blog is simple and straight to the point which is common in skateboarding because skateboards tend to be moving in fast movemnts for their tricks and for traveling therefore they think fast as well. So they like things straight at them so they can understand it. “Skateboard Filming”

When it comes to inspiration my first bet is to look at my fav skate videos and think not from a viewer’s POV but from a filmer’s POV or how/where the camera would be relative to the skateboard to get that look. Again I go to the Ride Channel to get the technical tips for filming.

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