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Visual Art

This image shows a perfect example of how close a filmer should be when filming a rider doing the trick when using a fisheye lens. Remember a fisheye lens is used primarily so that the whole body of the skater is in the frame and the obstacle that he/she is skating. when using a traditional lens the filmer will have to be much farther away in order to capture the obstacle and the skater and because the he/she is father away from the skater, the skater will look small in the frame from being so far away from the camera.

This picture also shows how close a filmer has to be in order to frame the skater and the obstacle, due to the filmer being so close it means they are also in danger. A skater doesnt always hit the spot clean the first time, sometime never until the 10th time. The board can fly straight into the filmer and hit the filmer OR WORSE hit the camera! :O