Software Review: Adobe Premiere CS6 & Final Cut Pro X

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.34.57 AM copy Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.35.12 AM copyWhen it comes time to edit your clips together into your grand masterpiece, you will need the right software. There are pages and pages of different video editing software that you can use to make a final piece. No I will not be reviewing windows media player…I will be reviewing software Adobe Premiere CS6 [PCS6]┬á& Final Cut Pro X [FCP X]. I have both programs and have used both programs to edit videos. If you guys are wondering how to get these programs, it is pretty simple, I am not going to promote any certain way of getting these programs for anyone, just sayings its not hard to get them.

Final Cut Pro X is the latest version for the famous video editing software. It is used by professionals for many types of projects including high end movies as well. It is only available for Apple Macs.

Adobe Premiere CS6 is not the latest version as CC is the latest version, but they came out relatively the same time. It is available for both PC’s and Macs. This program is also used by professional video editors.

When comparing the two programs I first compared them on how easily it was to grasp the basics of the program from just looking around and playing around with the tools. When I started learning video editing, I started learning Premiere CS5 and FCP 7. I started using them at the same time but gradually moved to Premiere because of its availability on both OSs. Also I found that navigating through Premiere was much easier for myself rather than FCP. When I bought my own Mac laptop I got the FCP X program after Premiere CS6. Moving from CS5 to CS6 was easy and loved it but when I moved from FCP 7 to FCP X the whole layout is completely different which throws off my understanding of the program. Premiere CS6 is also easier to encode many different kinds of videos outputs and gives you the access to make your own custom encoding output. FCP X has different encoding outputs but it is very limited when compared to PCS6.

I did find when using effects and titles in FCP X, there was much more creative title effects when compared to PCS6. Also there are more creative video effects in FCP X than PCS6. In PCS6 there are your normal out of the box video effects that can be found in less quality video editing software out there.

Overall in my experience in editing I found PCS6 much more better than FCP X.

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