Assignment #1- Research and Thumbnail

From the bottom and middle view of my window I see a big tree covering half of the park next to my back yard. Aswell as a garage that belongs the downstairs apartment. The park usually gets loud because of the amount of people playing baseball, football, handball, or soccer. There is also a highway next to the park that contributes to the noisy environment. In the park everything is man made except for the trees. The baseball/football/soccer field is made of artificial grass. The trees are the only things left standing from the past.

From the top view of my window I see a few buildings that are made of brick, steel, and glass. Certain lights almost never turn off all night. During power outages these buildings have they’re own generators. Most of the people that go to the park live in these buildings.


2 thoughts on “Assignment #1- Research and Thumbnail”

  1. I like your thumbnails they are nicely put together and shows what we have done in class today with the groups . but I think you should have like separated the thumbnails a little bit to show they are not one drawing but different but other then that its nice.

  2. I really like how you drew one picture and then subdivided it into smaller parts. It allows us to see how each thumbnail relates to the other. Although the thumbnails might have benefited from some separation. Great work

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