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Lunch time deja vu
By Muhammad Ali
November 17, 2008

the very thought of you warms my heart with smile
i sit down to write a poem yet i cannot rhyme
i am having the deja vu during lunch hours
of days that was so infused with love
even today the very thought of you warms my blood
beats my heart a thousands miles a second
only if you saw the passion in my eyes
the love i have for you will terminate all ill
the love i have for you will lift your wings high
only if you open your heart and see
agony is at my door step
came un-invited
have you got no shame?
the wings are getting heavy
i can’t hold this weight any longer
free my soul
free me from this tornment
only you have the power to
look deep inside…
why you ask? because no one else will love you more than I
close your eyes, in the depth of darkness
open your heart, in depth of rays of light you see in the darkness
set it free… let it be… or hold it tight and never let it go!
playing with food i shall not… lunch break is almost over
deja vu still in my plate… let it be, its okay
had it… have it… i can bear it as long as it makes you happy
and talking of happiness…
i still can not rhyme
food has no thyme
i squeezed in some lime
hmm.. so yum i give it a dime

I am losing my mind…
By Muhammad Ali
November 2, 2011

Losing my mind.. take 5, lets rewind
never understood the consequences
it started to happen in the unexpected sequences
too young to know the outcome that I may face
its tough out there like a damn rat race
I been hustling from sunrise to dawn
can’t stop for no one bro I gotta run
times up boy I had my fun
inattentive to past
like lover to lust
desert to dust
repudiate it I must
don’t try to stop me now
I am invincible
can’t stop me
I am losing my mind
no time to grind
no I won’t play your mind games..
no more… will I be your slave
I am not your finger puppet
you had your time with me as your muppet
stop it please
this mad disease
it’s pointless.. this cycle of insanity
shame.. what you call love is rather profanity
I am losing my mind…
I am losing my mind…

Midnight Express by Muhammad Ali
May 13, 2010

Lightning through the darkness
Rejoiced with agony
Like a firefly made of steel
This beast knows no fear
Runs so fast as if it must
Waits for no one like the hands on the clock
Tick tock tick tock
Eyes wide shut, I found myself on top
Riding it like a dragon
Like a red flag to a bull
I chased the daisies and the red roses
White, Pink and black one too
I flew high above, on the cloud far away from the rooster
I heard rumbling and tumbling
I must have been above Africa
I felt the chill, could it be Antarctica!
Wind came fast, I seen my hair fly
Where was I…? Wondered!
Lost with the ruthless monster
Back in the darkness when I opened my eyes
Seen many others like myself
Are they lost too I pondered!
Women and men of all ages… some kids too
Trapped inside the shiny monster
Waiting to be released
I wait too, impatient, silent… emotionless
Someone please stop this monster
Release me from the metal firefly
The dragon, the beast… the shiny creature
I must reach my destiny or all will be disaster
I heard a voice, is it God speaking
It was loud and clear..
“Next stop is 2nd avenue”
Boy oh boy, I jumped in joy -It is my destination
End of my agony and the frustration