Hello guys,

After many years of life journey, once again, I am back. I look forward to sharing my poem once again. Hope everyone is doing well. I miss City Tech days.

Title: I am
Written: December 16, 2012

I am THE man
do it ALL I can
FEAR itself saw me and ran
EXALTED I, riches & fortune I ban
DOCTRINE is true or not ask myself like a wise-man

While going through some of my old computer hard-drive, found this poem I wrote in 2005 while sitting bored in the Chemistry lecture hall at POLY.

Dark Black Eyes…
September 27th, 2005

Black dark eyes, I stared at them for I do not know how long.
I have seen the future in those dark black eyes,
Then I came back to reality at the blink of those dark black eyes.
Those killer eyes,
Love drench from them,
Happiness lives in them,
My heart reflected in them.
Just one look and my heart fills with a lifetime of happiness…
My heart beats fast as I stand in front of those black dark eyes.
They stare me in the face.
I still stand there,
Without a word,
Without a movement of my body,
In complete silence I stand,
Like a statue,
In front of these black dark eyes.
Closer, and closer,
I walk very slowly
As I stare at those dark black eyes.
My heart beats faster and faster,
And faster,
As I take every step.
Smile blooms in those dark black eyes,
Like a summer blooms roses red and white and pink and…
I can see the Taj Mahal reflecting on them,
The sweet water of Niagara Falls,
The romantic moon lights.
Those dark black eyes,
The first wonder of the universe,
But do they know it?

Usually all my poem are freestyle or something rhyming. For the poetry class [Eng 2003], professor Scanlan has asked us to write a limerick for extra credit. Here is my 1st attempt at writing limerick.

A shitty tale of a city boy walking down the alley
He goes by the name as Muhammad Ali
Tripped over dog shit while texting
Could have sworn he was sexting
“Shit!” first time for the day he said something verbally

Blind Moon
By Muhammad Ali
October 22, 2012

Love? Blinded by imperfections, infused with agony, tears turned into melting wax dripping down the chin, decimated by deceit, regardless of the fire that burns within, it is undeniable and impossible to simply “UnLove” someone! The unstoppable desire, the need, the want, the longing, that heartache, that heartbeat between the beats, that craving, the butterflies, these feelings, leading to the ultimate confusion of ‘Love’.. is it really love at the end? This struggle, this shadow of pain, how do you describe this feeling? How do you sleep? How do you perceive this world when your perception is betrayed? How do you learn to trust again? Love… love .. love !!!