I am losing my mind…
By Muhammad Ali
November 2, 2011

Losing my mind.. take 5, lets rewind
never understood the consequences
it started to happen in the unexpected sequences
too young to know the outcome that I may face
its tough out there like a damn rat race
I been hustling from sunrise to dawn
can’t stop for no one bro I gotta run
times up boy I had my fun
inattentive to past
like lover to lust
desert to dust
repudiate it I must
don’t try to stop me now
I am invincible
can’t stop me
I am losing my mind
no time to grind
no I won’t play your mind games..
no more… will I be your slave
I am not your finger puppet
you had your time with me as your muppet
stop it please
this mad disease
it’s pointless.. this cycle of insanity
shame.. what you call love is rather profanity
I am losing my mind…
I am losing my mind…