Emotion Score (Proposal)

Being in Entertainment Technology, and having a lot of interest in sound design, I want to create sections of audio or score that essentially targets key emotions or moods that we usually see in science fiction (romance is probably not going to be included).

I’m going to describe what goes through a composer/producer’s mind when it comes to choosing the right sounds or instruments and the process we go through when we try to place it all in sequence; thus trying to connect and align it with the actual story being told. Adding to that is probably going to be research from some composers/producers and how, when they/we see moving pictures or are given an idea or story from another person, how we are able to materialize notes based on visual stimuli.

One thought on “Emotion Score (Proposal)

  1. Danny, I like this idea, but it still needs some shaping/focusing since it’s in its general stage right now. Two questions that come to mind immediately are:

    -What “key emotions or moods” are you going to be targeting here?

    -I like the discussion in the second paragraph, but it seems very broad, as if it could be applied to musical compositions in general rather than to audio in SF. How are you going to focus this project (and your creation, and your research) to be aligned with this particular genre?

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