Time Travel in Reverse

Wow that is a harsh and brutal start to this book especially on how Geraldo wanted to take care of the baby so that it will not be born and dolly wanting yo have that child. I mean trying to have an abortion is one thing but having it with an unlicensed doctor is really something. But it must have been a harsh life that they have gone through, but i believe they are relating this to what probably has gone through in the past here in New York City. There were a lot of drug dealing and gang activity back in the days, especially like between the 80s and 90s. But wow this was really brutal on what they did to Dolores i guess it was an act on desperation that she did this on getting pregnant so that she can stop doing this prostitution.

After that being sent to a mental hospital so the geraldo will cover up on what he did is just really horrible. Especially for connie, if i understand correctly to the story, she was the one that they made her look like if she was the crazy one with getting her all dirty and horrible, and when she got there, nobody will listen to her about what has actually happened. Its just horrible, but at those two chapters i wanted to know when was the fiction was going to happen, i mean yea they said that the year was 2137 but yea they said there were skyscrapers and all of this but i guess the time traveling took place until chapter 3, where she goes with luciente to the future but instead of having these tall buildings and skyscrapers its like a downgrade.

They described the area in having like small house like structures and also small domes and they are using technology like solar power and all these energy efficient methods. I see it like a combination of a past like view but mixed with futuristic technology. Which kinda makes me say this ” something that goes up sooner or later most come down” for this it sounds better in spanish but it sounds weird in english but i will still put it in here in spanish ” todo lo que sube, algún dia tiene que bajar”

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