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Psychological manipulation is defined as a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics. (‎). It’s being deceived, lied to, being led to believe in something or someone through false pretenses. No one likes being lied to. No one liked to be lead down the wrong path by someone whom they have put their trust in and in the worse of scenarios, by someone who they are in love with and who they believe to be equally in love with them. In the Store “We” D-503

Claim #1

I-330 tested D-503 vulnerability.

“ ‘But why impassable? […] A bridge can be thrown across an abyss.’ […] she spoke almost my own words that I had written down before our walk” (pages 6-7) I-330 is agreeing with D-503 and telling him exactly what he wants to hear. She is a creating a bond with him so she can involve herself into his life.


Claim #2

I-330 test her boundaries

I-330 breaks the rules and almost out right dares D-503 to report her to the office of the guardians. In the forty-eight hours he has to report he suddenly falls ill and has all these obstacles that prevents him from reporting her. “Certainly. I thought so. Something had to prevent you – no matter what” (page 53)

Claim #3

S was in the alliance with I-330

S possibly set D-503 for I-330. He’s D-503 guardian so he knows how he moves, acts, his emotional states. He knew he was ripe for the taken. “you named everyone you saw behind the wall but you forgotten one. […] Don’t you remember for a second you saw {…} me” (p 228-229). R is part of the revolution and knew that D-503 was the builder of in integral and is the main person they needed to corrupt for a successful revolution.

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