Essay 2 Pre-draft

“I love—I am certain I can safely say, we love—only such a sterile, immaculate sky.” Immaculate sky, free from any flaw or in their terms “perfection.” The One State’s dictators and citizens believe in living in an ideal world where freedom is abolished and every single moment of their lives are controlled by a system. What stabilizes this system is all based on mathematics, where most of the time there is only one solution to every mathematical problem or predicament. There are other novels in which state their practices in what creates an example of a Utopian world but this novel is different, it is all numeric. The novel We  written by Yevgeny Zamyatin invites us to the One State’s world and mentality where freedom is replaced with mathematics. By having a mathematical system to control the living conditions in the One State it limits the chances of wrecking the system due to the table of hours, a form of one’s identity and strong belief in science.


Claim # 1

The table of hours decreases the chances of any of the citizens in the One State to become an individual.

“Fused into a single million-handed body, at the same second, designated by the Table, we lift our spoons to our mouths. At the same second, we come out for our walk, go to the auditorium, go to the hall for Taylor exercises, fall asleep” (12).

Claim # 2

Having a number instead of a name shows the dedication and commitment of sticking to the One State’s regulations.

“This irrational number had grown into me like something, foreign, alien, terrifying” (39).

Claim #3

Just like mathematics, science is perceived as a superiority subject that the One State believes in.

“It was not the generations before me, but I–yes, I—who had conquered the old God and the old life” (5).

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