The Others

In a dystopian world like in We where the individual is sacrificed and technology seems to be the control of everything there will always be others who are willing to fight to bring down this world. I-330 doesn’t abide by the rules of the One State and constantly breaks them. She wants to bring down this dystopia and create a new world. Throughout the book she goes from breaking rules to trying to convince D-503 that he too should help her bring down the One State. I-330s rebellion and actions make it clear to us that she is an “other”. We see her do all she can to stop the One State.

Claim 1
I-330 chooses to play the music she wants to play as an individual and everyone laughs at her including D-503.
“Then she sat down and began to play. Something savage, spasmodic, variegated, like their whole life at that time-not a trace of rational mechanical method. And, of course, all of those around me were right, they all laughed. Except for a few…but why was it that I, too…I?” (Zamyatin Pg 17)

Claim 2
I-330 claims that D-503 is now in her hands.
“But now you are in my hands. You remember-‘Every number who has failed to report to the Office of the Guardians within forty-eight hours, is considered…” (Zamyatin Pg 53)

Claim 3
I-330 will not speak and refuses to say anything about their plan to bring down the One State.
“Then she was pulled out, quickly restored with the aid of electrodes, and placed once more under the Bell. This was repeated three times-and still she did not say a word” (Zamyatin Pg 232)

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