Essay pre-draft

The subject matter for an essay is to explore the frailty of the human condition and compare the experiences of D-503, with what we see occurring in repressive societies that exist today in our world. Since the beginning of time there has always been internal conflict in human beings. Man typically desires “free will” and many wars have been fought over that desire. We see in “We” the evil nature of the Benefactor and the society that he has created. The desire for free will and determination often conflicts with a darker human desire…the desire for power and control. There are people who have fought revolutions and dissidents who have died in an attempt to overthrow the yoke of enslavement. Isn’t that really the same as what D-503 and the people of “we” experience? Those people are not controlled the same manner (technologically) that D-503 is in “we” but they have the same desires. “We millions of us get up as one” (pg 12). This simple quote offers a lot of insight into the world today and world history. It is easy to see this in the context of we, as D-503 fights for control of his own free will. However, haven’t we seen this many times in the last one hundred years on Earth? I believe that this comparison would make compelling reading and connect the character the author created with modern society, much to our dismay

D-503 Has been through core emotional changes and he is exposed to the humanization. “I  am sadness to see, that instead of a harmonious and strict mathematical poem in honor of the One State, I am producing some sort of fantastic adventure navel”( 103). Previously, he is only adept at mathematical progress and machinations. He is fighting his lifelong conditioning by the One State.

We see in “We” the evil nature of the Benefactor and the society that he has created and .  “True. algebraic love is inevitable inhuman, and the inevitable mark of truth-its cruelty”(231).


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