A shocking ending.

At the¬†end of “We” the reader is exposed to a shocking ending. After riding the roller coaster of the evolution of D-503’s human condition, he is brought back to the numbness of this dystopian world.¬†¬†He is stripped of all his normal human feeling and starts recording his entries that was his original mission. “No delirium, no absorb metaphors, no feelings: nothing just facts(page 231)”.He has lost¬† all of his feelings, his human¬†emotions and¬†¬†he is turned back into a Human robot. Despite his best intentions the authorities take him and alter him with an operation, After the¬†operation, he¬†betrays to the Benefactor the enemies plans. “How could it have seemed so difficult before? Incredible. The only explanation I can think of is my former sickness( the soul)”(232).

Throughout the novel, we see the evolution¬†of D-503’s conflict and the torment of his soul as he struggles to find his humanity. From his example, We seems that numbers become a cog in the wheel of society, where there¬†is no personal connection and attachment.¬† The author shows two different D-503 in the novel, one that is a normal human being with his feelings and reaction,¬† he¬†wants to stop the ¬†Benefactor and his minions¬†because he feels that he is individual and wants his own way of personal¬†happiness, “Absolute happiness should, of course, carry a minus sign-the divine minus”(184). And the opposite¬† D-503 when he is an empty number , who’s purpose is calculation and¬†that has been¬†stripped away¬†from basic humanity¬† and frankly from himself. He is just another cog in the wheel, who¬†exists to perform his responsibility for the one State.¬† In essence, it makes¬† D-503 discover two ways of living ,that makes¬† him suffering from this and creates conflict. ” Who are We? “Who am I?”(219).¬† This is the main question of the novel. What is the¬†purpose of your own life, what is your desire. “We” are the representatives of¬†society, which has total control and produces manufactured happiness for everyone. It has destroyed individuality and freedom, making humans empty numbers.

Connecting to the “Soul” is¬†¬†what everyone in the One State thought of¬†as a sickness, that¬†makes you desire and explore your own happiness. His soul is was made him change his direction and way of thinking that makes a stand against¬†people from empty numbers. But in the one State this is considered a sickness because it is danger to the collective¬†. It makes them be individual and follow his heart. “A human being is like a novel: until the last page you don’t know how it will end. Or it wouldn’t be worth reading‚Ķ”(162). Benefactor cant¬† calculate D-503’s behavior when he has a feeling to I-303 , we seems that he wants to help ancient people and make a revolution.¬† In the end of the story Benefactor told D503 secret of the design structure¬† the One State “True, algebraic love of humanity is inevitable inhuman; and the inevitable mark of truth is -its cruelty”(231).

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