Brave New World Chpts 1-5

The novel “Brave New World” ¬†by Christopher Higgens is a very gripping novel about a futuristic society that is quite different from our own. ¬†The book describes this society in which the central government has complete control over the population through various means. To start they control the actual population number by “manufacturing” people in factories in a sense. The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning seems to oversee this process. They have dubbed this process “the ¬†¬†Bokanovsky process” . In the first few chapters of the novel, ¬†he is giving a group of students a tour of the factory. He explains how they take a single embryo and turn it into 96 exact copies. They get developed over this long track that runs around the factory. Every 24 meters, a nurse then injects some type of hormone into the container, ¬†depending on what type of worker they r making. They travel around this track for quite some time. It takes 2040 meters to complete. believe this to be a method of some sort of quality control for the factories that these people will work in. The quality of the product will be the exact same because the same person is creating it more or less. ¬†Not only are the people physically the same, but they are mentally the same. They achieve this through brainwashing them while they sleep. ¬†¬†The factory pretty much sets the social destiny of the type of person they are conditioning. They are forced to accept what they are given and enjoy it. ¬†The population is split between some type of social classes named Alpha, ¬†Beta, ¬†Delta, ¬†Gamma and Epsilon. As the book progresses, ¬†i get the feeling that some of the classes look down on others. ¬†For example they constantly make fun of the deltas for wearing khaki pants. ¬†Seems to be that the delta, ¬†gamma and Epsilons are the lower members of society.

Even with all of this conditioning and social belonging, ¬†there doesn’t seem to be any likes of the social problems we see in todays world such as poverty, crime, and homelessness. ¬†Because everyone is happy with who they are and how they are there isnt any type of issues like i stated before. ¬†Other things that are a lot different is the views of sex and relationships in that matter. ¬†In the novel, it is normal to have multiple sexual partners and its actually abnormal if you are with the same person for longer than a few months. The society also frowns upon people getting pregnant. They also seem to practice sex at a very young age, ¬†as young as preteens it seems. ¬†In today’s society, people usually become sexually active in high school. It almost seems to be the opposite of our society today as far as their moral values are concerned.

Another thing that they seem to have abolished in the novel is the types of religion that we have today such and Catholic, Christian, Judaism, hindu, ¬†ect. ¬†Instead they seem to worship Henry Ford as a type of God. I guess this is because Ford invented the assembly line which is very common to them. Like today Catholics say Bc and Ac for before christ anf after christ. In the book they say ¬†af instead for After Ford. Another way that they hint that Ford is viewed as a God is how they talk. Instead of saying “Oh God” ¬†like we do today, they say “Oh Ford”.


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