Brave New World (Chapters 1-5)

Upon reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, we are introduced to this utopian world which is described in vast imagery throughout each chapter. In the first chapter Huxley describes the society as well as how babies are made in test tubes. While the Director of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre is giving the tour to the students of the ‘factory’ Huxley gave us vivid imagery to describe the conception and growth process as well as the surroundings. I say vivid since he made you feel as if you were part of the tour, Huxley even used sounds “Whizz and then click! The lift-hatches flew open” (Huxley, 20). The dialogue between characters such as the director and Mr. foster also gave us an understanding of how position was important and there was respect between people and at the same time made it more believable. Various literary techniques were also used such as similes to give a better visualization, “Like chickens drinking, the students lifted their eyes towards the distant ceiling” (Huxley, 22). Repetition was also used to empathize important dialogue or numerical significance.

Towards the middle of chapter one we also learn a lot about the social and political structure in this world, humanity is divided into categories such as Alpha, Beta, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons (from smartest and most advanced down to the ones with less intelligence). In this society it is mentioned that the state and the center have full power and control over the rules and decisions being made such as deciding the future of each newborn and its role in society. Just this action alone gave me the taught that this society valued more the goal as a civilization rather than individuality, this was also emphasized by the Director “We condition the masses to hate the country” (Huxley, 31) so there is not much individually therefore freedom is a little conditioned. In the developmental stages they already start to prepare them physically as well as physiologically for the lives they are to have. Such as a technique they used which consisted of a bowl of flowers and a book and them trying to train the child on what decisions to make. This action reminded me of a psychological experiment conducted by Ivan Pavlov in regards to conditioned reflexes. Another aspect of this utopian society is all of the standardization, starting from all the created babies looking alike to their only being one language being spoken.

So far I have really enjoyed the way in which Huxley uses imagery to make me feel as if I was there and all of the technological advancements which are out of this world yet a little creepy to see the process through which they created the children and manipulated their early lives. I did have to look up a couple of words since I did not know what they meant and I have a couple of questions, but overall I am enjoying the story and looking forward to where it leads.

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