Le Guin response

The festival in omelas city is in the summer is filled with loud music and food among the streets,but why is it snow in the summer? The omela citizens sound like joyful people that have interesting festivals and believes but why are the citizens not happy anymore? They seem to function within the medieval times era yet they don’t have Nobel families to look up to nor slavery to depend on. The omela adult citizens do not believe that money and materialistic things helped you gain happiness and satisfaction, but instead passion and intelligentsia did so. I feel that the narrators mind runs wild in curiosity of how he/she thinks the city should run since the citizens are not into modern technology and trends. The citizens seem to be really shallow since they will not accept any imperfections such as the deformed child they keep locked away in a basement because they claim that by doing so it preserves the beauty that is around the city and themselves. Although they may be intelligent and passionate citizens they really do seem to drown themselves in ignorance on the well being of that child. They rather one person be shun from the outside world,treated horrible and starved and left to sit in its own waste in order for the rest of the city to live in peace and harmony. Why do they really believe that the city will be destroyed if the childish released to see the sunlight and be treated equal? I don’t understand why so many tourist who come visit the city don’t put a stop to the cruel treatment of the deformed child since it brings rage and heartache to them. All though the tourist don’t make an attempt to really stop the madness they take the time to realize that it is life and sometimes there isn’t much they can do about it. I found it interesting that some citizens that eventually go down to see the child realizes that the city they live in is no longer the place that they wish to stay in and leave without any regrets.

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