Hi, my name is George Disla

It was nice to meet you all in class but right now I would like to take a moment and talk a little bit about me. My name is George, I’m currently a junior at City Tech, and majoring in Computer Information Systems (Bachelor’s degree). I’m a big sports fan and love to root for the Yankees, NY Giants, and the Knicks, also the Rangers and Redbulls but I’m not too familiar with hockey or American soccer. I love playing video games. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed having as a hobby since I was a little kid. My first ever system that I can remember having was the Sega Genesis that my brother had and playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and absolutely falling in love with the countless hours we’d spend playing on that thing. But my biggest interests has been technology and computers in general. I’ve always loved being on the computer and learning about the internal and external sides of it.



When I was little, before I had a computer, I would draw a sketch while I was in elementary class of my dream computer. It was nuts! Now that I’ve grown up, I’ve built two computers from the ground up all by myself, and I’m majoring in CIS so that I can make a living of being knowledgeable with computers on the external sides of it. Every college student thrives on making the most of their academic years and find a job in their fields. That’s the main goal. I want to get hired by a business and not only show my knowledge but also learn and become experienced in my field. You can’t learn everything in college until you go out there and experience the field first hand. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead!

One of my strengths as a reader is the ability to pick out a book that interests me. I’m not the biggest reader in the world so when it comes to picking out a book to read, I just go straight to the ones that pertains to my interests. If there’s a sports history book about the Yankees, or a book about the making of a certain video game — I’m there! One of my strength as a writer is having a somewhat good grammar and punctuation. I say somewhat because I don’t like to say I’m the greatest because I tend to make mistakes a lot, but I like to say that you won’t find many run-on sentences in my writing. One of my weakness as a reader is not having the greatest attention span with readings. Often, if I’m not very interested or have to sit down and read a text in a short amount of time, I become disinterested in it and sit there and just stare into the text. I’m usually not that good reading a lot of pages. But it’s something I want to work on this semester. One of my weakness as a writer is trying to start a page. A very common problem but I feel like it takes me a lot longer than anyone to start a paragraph or know when to end one. Something I enjoy about reading/writing is creating something, whether it’s creating a story or becoming so intrigued with what I’m reading that I want to read more of it. Something that I dislike about reading/writing is wasting so much time reading a few pages and making sure I understand what I’ve read, and writing something that has mistakes and doesn’t make sense.

I have a very deep background with technology. I’ve built my very first home computer when I was 16 years old. I’ve done HTML in the past and during my college years and also learned a bit of CSS and XML. I’ve spent countless hours on the computer using various programs like Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and video editing programs. I can say I become quite familiar with video editing and compression. I’ve also become familiar with database, networking, and a little bit of system administration. I’m not too fond of programming because it’s so formula heavy but it’s very interesting creating something out of nothing. I’m looking forward to learning programming in my spare time.

Prior to entering ENG 2000, I wasn’t too familiar with Utopias, Dystopias but I have heard about them before. I knew about science fiction because of movies and reading texts about science fiction. I did know that Utopia had something to do with fantasy and creating a place that is based on fiction and from your imagination. I’m currently taking ENG 2000 because it’s one of my required courses that I need to take to next to Advance writing. I haven’t taken a reading/writing course in a few semesters, and I wanted to become familiar with it again before I take advance writing next semester. My expectations for this course is to become a strong reader/writer again, I’m hoping to learn more about utopias, dystopias, and science fiction. I’ve had a few classes to read some interesting texts so far so I’m looking forward to reading a lot more interesting texts as well as free writing a lot more about my feelings on certain things. I hope you guys are as well and I’m looking forward to catching up and having a great semester!

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