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Hi everyone, my name is Antonio Griffith and i am a upper junior at New York City College of Technology. My major is Graphic Design and fell in love with photography my first semester of college because of my photography class. In photography class we were required to buy a camera but it did not have to be expensive since their weren’t enough school cameras. Another reason we had to buy a camera was that we can be able to do homework because we can not carry school cameras off campus. I ended up buying a expensive camera and didn’t just use it for class but for personal usage as well. The first subject matter I focused on when I first got my camera were buildings then I moved onto random objects and then people. I was born and raised in Guyana then moved to New York City in April, 2003 at the age of 11. After coming to New York I stayed in a apartment building with my aunts and cousins until i got settle to move into a rented house with my mother and step father. I like to play basketball, eat a lot, make people laugh, take photographs, and go out on my spare time etc. I have one older brother who lives in Minnesota with his family and works as a coast guard in the military. Me and brother have different father and i so wish he lived in New York right now so i could see him more often.


Something that really interest me is photography and graphic design. My hobby in photography made me see art in a different way that i would have never see by creating graphics. I used to photograph buildings only then one day i got invited by my friend chris to an fashion event and from there on I started to photograph people who are dressed fashionable. My top two desires are for me to be a very well know graphic designer or well know photography that pays all his bills with what he love doing. During the summer of 2013 I did street style fashion photography focusing mostly in Soho, New York by simply asking random people in the street if i can photograph them because of their nice outfits I adore. I first started taking pictures of people more seriously in 2012 as well with the street style photographs. The way I approach someone to snap a photo is by saying “hey do u mind If i photograph you for my street style fashion blog”.


My weakness as a reader is that i cant comprehend articles that are too descriptive because i tend to focus so much on what they are describing and then forget what i read earlier in the passage. My strength as a reader i would say is that i can understand what the text is about unless it is not jumping back and forth to a different setting. My weakness as a writer is that I am not too good with switching up the beginning of a sentences because I tend to use the same words to start a sentence. I enjoying reading text I can understand what the story is about. If the story has difficult text I tend not to like the reading and is force to read it because I don’t understand a thing that is going on. My favorite type of reading will be something on sports, art, love stories, and comedy etc. What I enjoy about writing is when I do something I know by experience and I can explain to someone what happened but when i am writing an essay on a topic I am not interested or i have to research it then it is hard. My background with using technology is not perfect because I don’t know how to work every program in the world that is out but i can do the basics. I am not sure why I am taking this course but there are only two options, one is probably I need it or the other is if I sign up because I need the credits to be a full time student.

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