Hi guys! I’m Rafal, or Raf for short. I was born and raised in Greenpoint Brooklyn, currently living out in Kew Gardens, and I’m currently studying Graphic arts and Advertisement. I hope to one day be working for a company that designs logos and graphics, preferably for clothing or video games. I’m a huge nerd at heart and have just recently began really embracing that side of me. I love to read, mostly sci-fi and fantasy books. I’m taking this course because it is required, but I do hope to learn a few things as I am trying to write a video game based web series as a fun little hobby and any information I can gain about how writers approach certain things will surely only help in the process. I’m very open to people so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope everyone enjoys and has a wonderful semester!



– Rafal Napierala

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  1. I hope that you’re enjoying the course so far Raf! I’m guessing that, since you’re a science fiction enthusiast, you’re enjoying the texts we’re reading this semester. Have you read them before? What are some of your favorite SF texts?

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