Getting to Know Me – Jonathan

Hey, my Name is Jonathan Mesias and I’m 18 years old, some say I don’t look like my age, that I look older. I presently live in Jamaica Queens, New York and been there for a long while. I live with my parents and a Younger brother and a younger sister, which means that I’m the oldest one. Being in College itself is a privilege for me, since my parents never made more higher than high school, I’m the first in the Family to be in College! This is my second semester in this College, my major is Computer engineering. I have to admit, It hasn’t been as easy as I thought , since day 1 I had trouble with classes. As I’ve been learning, in the real world no one will help you if you don’t try. You have to put effort into in things, nothing is easy in this world. Some interest I have is music it self, listening to music calms me. Since I know how to play the Saxophone, sometimes I play to take my Stress away. I’ve always been interested with Technology since a youngster Computers were always exciting to me, and it still is. My goal in life is to be able to make a better living with this major I’m going for, that this major gives me benefits at the end of this Road. During this Break we had, I honestly didn’t want to get myself into any jobs, so I relaxed. Although it wasn’t fun, I had more than enough time to relax, think of what I had coming to me this semester. My plans for this semester is to Make sure I pass every class and put more effort in any thing I do.Mesias.John

Observing myself, I don’t think I have any strengths as a reader, but I do have a lot of weaknesses , I have grammar problems, its really bad. I don’t have a good use of Vocabulary. And I cant read out loud, my nerves kick in and I cant manage to read it well. What I dislike about reading it read things I don’t understand, when they have big vocabulary words, especially shake spears…. I never want to read another book as the one I read in High school. My background with technology? I can say I’m a good user of it , I know how to manage it. the only word that seem familiar was the word Utopia. I’ve had heard the word Topia used in a film, I don’t remember the title I think it was Dinotopia, ha-ha! but what I remember from it-was that it was a land where many loved being in, so I feel utopia means a fantasy land where you want to stay there because everything that’s there you love. the reason im taking this course is mainly because I had to fill in for the requirements to get financial aid, and I also need it for my major so I would have ended up taking it in the future, so why not take it now that I had the chance. My expectation for this course? I honestly don’t know what awaits me…….

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