Who am I?

  I’m a nineteen year old brunette with brown eyes. Five feet tall and I weigh 114 pounds. I’m the oldest of three siblings, plus the only female.  I love looking at the sky so you can easily guess my favorite color. I enjoy reading and writing but my favorite thing to do is paint, I like the mess of it. The freedom the paintbrush allows me to have. I’m not going to lie, I’m horrible at it but I just love the feeling. It’s why I changed my mind from studying architecture. When I think of it using rulers and triangles, it seems like a nightmare.
  My name is Cristina Nolivos, I’m a student majoring in Art and Advertising Design and this semester is the second half of my second year here in college. Last summer I was able to go and visit the beautiful, Niagara Falls in Canada which was AMAZING

Photograph I took of the falls

Photograph I took of the falls

and I do hope that I go again. By the end of summer I was lucky enough to get my first official job at a Physical Therapy office as a front office assistant. It was a bit tricky getting used since I started the same week my classes start but I’m proud to say that I managed.
  In high school was a really big fan of teenage romance novels mostly dealing with supernatural and fantasy characters such as ghost, fairies, vampires and all that jazz. In my senior year I began reading more non-fiction novels  such as A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard. Another book I read was The Help which is one of my favorite books and I was super glad that Emma Stone was casted in the movie. I do like to read, especially if the piece that I’m reading has my interest. If I find something boring and uninteresting it will take me a few tries to pay attention and get into what I’m reading.
  English is one of the very few subjects that I am good at, I believe it’s because I like writing. I like to convert my thoughts into words on a paper or a screen in this matter. I think that my weakness is having to write something I do not have an interest in, having to do that is something I wish I was able to avoid. I do know a little bit about utopias and dystopias, I find them both to be a little disturbing and not something I would want to live through. They’re complete opposites, a utopia being a perfect world where I imagine everyone having an obsessive compulsive disorder. Dystopia I see as a gray world, where authority takes advantage of the power they have and enslaves everyone they believe they have power over.
  I do know a thing or two about computers, I’m not completely clueless when it comes to technology. I’m the type of person that can fix what I need to fix on my computer but when it comes to other people’s computers and tablets I lose my mind and I have no idea what I’m doing. This is my first time using Open Lab and I think I can get the hang of it after a few tries. I do expect lot of writing in this class I just hope that after a few weeks I won’t feel forced into writing, I’m a much better writer when I do it willingly and freely. I’m taking this class to complete the number of credits I need but I don’t see this class as a drag and hopefully my opinion of it doesn’t change. 

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