IMG_0359My Name is Denise, I’m a Liberal Arts major and this is my last semester at City Tech. I’m currently taking five classes plus a lab and working. This is my first time taking morning classes and all I can say is wow! Morning professors  are really different from evening professors. This will be my last semester taking morning/day classes. I plan on finishing my under grad with a BSN and a BA in psychology. I also want to either minor in or get a second degree in either biology or chemistry. I like reading. I love to go out dance, socialize and meet new people. I actually love to read, I love all genres. I think my strength is that when I enjoy a book I read it really fast. The last Harry Potter book was over a thousand pages and I finished it in one single day. My weaknesses as a writer are that I don’t like to write and grammar isn’t one of my strong suits at all. I just don’t like to write, not one of my favorite things to do. I don’t like reading things I’m forced to read and have no interest in at all. That’s when it takes me forever to read things and I tend to not pay attention to details and just read it to get it over with. My background in technology is basically just using the computer to write papers, go on social media and play games. When I think about Utopias the only thing that pops into my mind is the move stepford wives. The only thing I know about utopias are everyone is perfect and there is no individuality. Dystopias are the opposite of utopias, and science fiction is long story short, anything is possible! I’m taking this course because I need it to graduate and I expect to unfortunately write and read a lot.







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