Naomi’s Introduction

Hello, I’m Naomi, 20 years old and a junior at City Tech. My major is Graphic Arts & Advertising. I’m an Aries and my favorite color is orange. I have a dog named Garnett, who will be 2 years old next month.IMG_2488 I am the youngest of two, my brother is 26. I’m Mexican, although a lot of people say I don’t look Mexican, they say i can pass being Puerto Rican or Dominican. This summer I went to Mexico for my cousin’s wedding. My career goal would be doing something I love doing but also something that pays well.

As a reader, I think my weakness would be that when I read out loud, I read too fast. Instead of stopping for commas, periods, question marks etc I just keep reading staright through as if the whole page was one sentence. The reason I think I do this is because I feel as though if I were to read slower, I make more mistakes. My strengths as a reader would be that I’m able to understand what I’m reading the first time through. My weakness as a writer would be coming up with ideas as to what to write. Sometimes when I do know what to write about I don’t know how to start or how to close. My favorite kind of reading is crime novels, like mob books. My favorite book is called The Sicilian by Mario Puzo, the same author of The Godfather. The only knowledge I have on Utopias is what I learned when I read the Gift Giver and the reason why I am taking this course is because its required for my major.

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