Keanu B.

Hello! My name is Keanu and I’m 21 years old. My sign is a cancer, and my favorite color is purple. This is my first semester at City Tech as a transfer student. I’m a Liberal Arts major, although I plan to switch my major next semester to Human Services. I am currently working at a coffee shop in SoHo, where I often meet celebrities :mrgreen: .  In

Parsailing in Puerto Rico

Parsailing in Puerto Rico

my spare time I like to hang out with friends, spend time with my boyfriend, play video games, dance, go to parties, and just have fun. Over the summer I went to Puerto Rico with my boyfriend for my birthday. We had such an amazing time, that we are actually planning on going back this Summer.

I am a HORRIBLE speller, and my grammar could use some work too. I hate writing, although my writing is pretty decent. Sometimes when I write I don’t know how to start or end a paragraph/paper. I usually have a lot of ideas, it’s just getting it on paper and making it make sense.  As for reading, I don’t do it as often as I should. But I don’t like or dislike doing it. I hate having to read boring things, or things that I’m not really interested in. It makes it really hard for me to focus and understand it. My favorite things to read would have to be mystery or crime related. Besides me going on social media sites, browsing the internet, and writing papers, I don’t know much about technology. The only thing I know about utopias and dystopias is what was said in class. I am taking this course because it is required.

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