Internship Blog #5: Interning for CocoaKawaii

During the course of my time, combatting classes and formerly interning for Mott Haven Fridge Network, I continuously been looking for more opportunities best suitable for me. I religiously check handshake everyday and review offers that I receive.
Being involved within the ‘Nerd culture’ and going to conventions like ComicCon and AnimeNYC, I been networking more with artists and creatives. More of the niche I aspire to be within. I came across an artist and brand called CoCoaKawaii.

I was hired to be her graphic designer and assistant. Her brand represents kawaii culture and promotes to be aspired towards everyone, not only the stereotypical ‘asian’ niche clan.

CocoaKawaii is a small business that hand makes jewelry and accessories out of resin. Promoting kawaii culture as an african american woman. Kawaii means cute in Japanese, and the kawaii scene is mostly seen across asians and fair skinned people. Cocoakawaii represents herself as a colored woman who promotes the culture to everyone, and brings happiness and cheer with her cute accessories.


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