Internship Blog #4: The End of Interning for Grass Roots Grocery

My last day interning for Mott Haven Fridge Network was  September 4, 2022.

Over the course of time interning as a volunteer intern, I really started to see my value as a graphic designer. I was not accepting the poor work conditions I was working within. As this was a remote graphic designer internship position, it was not worth having my work being devalued and the pile up of slack work that I was given. My time and work as an artist is worth more than just interning for someone that devalues my work, time and effort.
A work environment and brand should respect you and your time.  Everyone has a life and a schedule and as professionals we all need to realize that there are boundaries we have to set for ourselves & our tolerance.

I’ve resigned from interning as the Graphic Designer within Mott Haven Fridge Network.

The final designs I’ve created for the brand are the following:

I can speculate the appreciation of the skills and practice I’ve received from GrassRootsGrocery and the Designs I was able to create.

The following are the live social media posts where my designs were used.


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