Culmination Progress





Who are we?

  • We are Divergent Minds (Isaias Acosta, Edgar Alejandro, Brandon Castillo, Jonathan Clement, and Jordin De La Rosa) and this is where we will keep our progress on culmination.

What is it?

Brandon Castillo’s Culmination Proposal

  • Sirena is an underwater Exploration Puzzle fantasy game that brings to light the current pollution we do to our oceans. The story is based on a mermaid who just wants to experience what the outside world is truly like, but the closer she gets to the outside world she sees how damaged the world is.


Puzzle Document

I was chosen by my group to be responsible for the puzzles. So, this is the document that will be used to keep track of the design progress of the puzzles.

Interior Boat progress

Overall making this interior was a fun and learning experience. I have never done an exterior close to this. All my previous experience was in making building. Not only did I have to make a structure I am unfamiliar with. I had to figure out how to show that the boat was damaged. This boat has definitely given me experience in making interiors.

Mermaid in progress

Modeling Mermaid

Made the upper, lower torso, and arm of the mermaid.

Then I connected all the parts together. Made the tail separately then attached it.

After connecting the existing pieces, I made the hand.

After the hand was made. I moved on to finishing the model by making the head. After words I attached the head.

The modeling portion was over all a learning experience. I watched video documentation and looked at references to model the different body parts. The head was definitely the most difficult part of modeling the mermaid. Managing the typology on the head is what gave me a lot of issues, but taking my time and problem solving it went well. The head is modeled in such a way that. I can add facial animation later. added color to the model. Then I moved onto the next step rigging.



After modeling the mermaid I had to give it the ability to move. So I moved on to rigging the mermaid. I had no prior knowledge on rigging. So I had to look at a documentation in order to learn how’s it done. I added joints to the model which is basically it’s bones. The image on the left shows the joints in side the mermaid body.  After adding the bones I had to add controls which is the circles on the right. In order to animate the mermaid without breaking the rig. Last, but not least it was time to start weight painting. Which is the image on the bottom. You select the joint you want to weight paint for then add how big the influence you want that joint to have. It was time to move on to the animation part.


Mermaid Animations

The link above contains the animations made for the mermaid. Sorry for the inconvenience the files where too big to upload to the website.

Animating a character was something I have never had experience with. So just like the steps before I had to look at documentation to understand the process. I still didn’t fully understand it, so I asked by technical advisor for clarification which he provided. It went well. The main issue I had was trying to get the animation to flow together. The way I solved this was by examining movement made by humans swimming and trial and error.



Culmination Poster



Culmination Evaluation

Culmination Evaluation