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Black and White Snail

White and Black Snail


I used the pen tool in order to most of the snail. The used the paintbrush for the eyes because at the time the pen tool was giving me trouble. Most likely I had trouble with the pen tool because of my lack of experience with the tool.  For the stars, I used the shape tool to make them. Then for the text, I used the text tool to write out SpecialSnailStudios. I used Adobe Illustrator.

Transparent Snail

This is a silhouette of Patrick. I traced a picture of Patrick with the pen tool. Then I made it gradient just to see how it would look. It looked really unique so I decided to roll with it. Then I changed the color of the gradient. I made this in Adobe Illustrator.

Patrick Silhouette


I wanted to make something with one of my favorite shows dragon ball. I first found an image of Goku then traced it with the pen tool. I had trouble with using the pen tool to make the wings because at the time I had trouble at making lines connect. I used Adobe Illustrator.

Angel Goku Silhouette

I first found an image of an NBA player then traced it with the pen tool. I had a lot of trouble at tracing the hands because each finger was at a different angle. I used Adobe Illustrator.

NBA Silhouette

I used a gradient for the background. Then I decided to try and make a half man half snail man. After that, I found a photo of a person posed like that and traced it. Then I made the snail eyes. While making this I think the hardest thing was making the snail eyes. Just to make them look good took forever. I used Adobe Illustrator.

Business Card

I got a cropped out a photo of a cloud, Santa, and a snowflake. I added feathers, edited the edge, and the smoothness to the Santa and the clouds. I copy and pasted the clouds and the snowflakes many times. I gave Santa a lot of feathers to give him an aura of white since he is a mythical being. I made this on PhotoShop.



This song is called LilPokemon. Since I wasn’t too good at this I wanted to make it a bit funny. So I took the Pokemon theme song and Bad and Boujee by Lil Uzi. I took the soundtrack of the Pokemon theme song an extended it. Then I took the acapella of Bad and Boujee and synced it up with the Pokemon theme song. I struggled really on hard on just trying to find something that went together well. I made this in Adobe Audition.

Music Project

I went online to look for a damaged image. Once I found one I used the stamp tool to fix most of the image. I struggled with fixing his eyebrow because the hairs would look weird when you copied one part of his eyebrow to the part you are trying to fix. I used photoshop.

Fixed Damage Photo

Wanted to go with a dreaming theme for the album. So that is why I got a guy sleeping with clouds and the moon with stars in the background. I struggled with feathering at the time because I wanted to get it just right. Then I noticed that since I put a lot of feathering on the clouds they have a nice glow to them. Which make them look like dream clouds. I used photoshop.

Album cover

This is a photo I made just for fun. I wanted to make a photo that represented global warming. So cropped out a photo of a polar bear and a grizzly bear. Then I got a photo of a forest and put feathers on the bears in order to make the bears look more a part of the photo. I used photoshop.

Realistic Photo

I took two photos of dinosaurs and I cropped them out and added feathers to them in order to make them look part of the photo. I used photoshop.

Past meets the Future

This is a fan movie trailer I made for the upcoming film Godzilla vs Kong. I used footage from Godzilla 2014 and Kong Skull Island. I cut up parts of both films and added fade in and out. Also, I put graphics effects. Then put a song for the audio which is called epic Godzilla theme song. I struggled with the audio for a bit because it was hard to get all the audio in sync. I used Adobe premier.

Movie trailer

I wanted to go a route that not many other people were going. So my group decided to make a commercial showing you why not to time travel. My group and I got clips from Terminator and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. We cut the clips up and combined them. Then added text to appear out of nowhere and enlarge. Then the second text that appears grows and spins. Something I struggled with was the keyframes because I didn’t know I needed to click the little stopwatch in order to make keyframes. We used Adobe After Effects and  Adobe Premiere.

Time Travel commercial

This is the postcard that I created. I went with a Christmas theme because Christmas is close. So what I did was crop out an image of a snow globe and snowflakes. Then put them in. I made the background a gradient to make it look pretty. Then I added lines that appear slowly and text saying merry Christmas spinning, appearing, and enlarging. I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.


I made many spheres and added the texture of the planets. I added that the planets rotate and rotate around the sun. I added a light into the sun so it shines onto the other planets. In order to get what I really wanted I had to mess with the intensity and the radius of the light. I struggled with making the skybox, but my friend Chris was nice to teach me. I used unity to make this.

Solar System