MTEC 3230

The first image is of a donut I made in blender. The reason this inspires me is because it was the first asset I ever made. Even though it’s simple it made me discover something I’m passionate about. Second image is of a coffee cup and plate. I made this in blender also. The reason this inspires me is it was a bit more difficult to make then the donut. So it was proof to me that I was improving. The third and fourth image kind of tie into each other. The reason it both images are apart of my favorite game. Which is monster hunter. My dream is to actually work for capcom and make it into the monster hunter 3D asset team. Which is why I keep practicing my 3D modeling skills. In order to make this dream come true.

Week 3 Homework

  • I did this by right clicking the hierarchy. When you do this a list of options will appear.
  • You will see the option 3D objects and hover over the option with your mouse icon.
  • Then another list will appear.
  • Showing you 3D object you can spawn in your 3D scene. You will spawn a sphere, cube,and terrain.
  • You will repeat the actions said in the beginning to spawn all of them.


  • In order to import a skybox you will have to either make your own or go to a asset website.
  • I used unity assets.
  • I then searched up sky boxes on the website. Found one I liked and clicked download.
  • Once you download a popup will appear asking to open in unity. Then the unity editor.
  • Once in your unity editor it will ask to import do so.
  • Once imported go to window on the very top of the window.
  • Then go to rendering.
  • Then light settings.
  • Click on skybox material and change it to the one you imported.

Week 4 Homework

39 Best Free Video Editing Software Tools in 2020 [Updated August]

One thing I would like to bring light to is more of a software that is sometime misused. Which is editing software. These software can be and have been used in order to distort images and paint images into people thinking one thing. When researching this I came across that a big problem with editing software is that its caused people to have a lot of problems with their body. Since many images now a days are distorted in order to make people look like they have the “perfect body”. Which had brought down the photography industry credibility. When people try to do the right thing and edit pictures in ways that don’t distort the image, but make it look more appealing get paid less usually. Causing them to have to follow the rest of the crowd.

There is of course a positive side to this technology. People do use this in order to spread good messages or to entertain people. Which help some people get through hard days or even help inform people. There is always two sides of coin when it comes to everything it. It comes down to which side are you gonna choose.

  1. Spawn a terrain
  2. Go to the unity asset store and download terrain tools
  3. Go to package manager in order actually download because for some reason it don’t work right away
  4. Click on the terrain and Use what brushes you would like in order to change the terrain\
  5. Make sure you are on the tab to increase or decrease the terrain
  6. Then in order to add layer scroll down a little and click on add or manage layers
  7. To add trees or flowers you need to go to their tabs and do the same thing you did with layers

Re: Anime/movie:

5 tech twists from 'Ready Player One,' Steven Spielberg's film about gaming's past and VR's future - GeekWire

-Pick an anime or movie

Ready Player

-Brief description of the show

Since earth is pretty bad to live on VR technology grew exponentially. So the OASIS was created. Which is a open type of world with things you can do in it. The co-creator of the OASIS annouces that he is running a competition. Whoever wins gets owner ship of the OASIS. Of course everyone is going to go for this. So  the main characters enter the competition, but must beat a company that wants to win it to pollute it with advertisements.
-What XR apparatus do they use?

It seemed that they used some sort of VR headset that highjacked your visual and hearing senses. They use also, used haptic suits. Which helps depict touch through VR. Omni Directional Treadmills is piece of equipment which was used. It was used in order to allow the player to move around in the game while staying in the real world. Also, they used digital coins in the world. Which you inserted the coins kind of like a arcade game in order to do certain games.
-Who uses it and for what purpose?

Everyone used the technology in order to escape how bad earth was.
-How does it work?

VR headset seems to hijack your visual and hearing sense. The haptic suit suit uses heat and pressure in order to simulate touching. The Omni Directional Treadmill changes directions and allows the player to run at any speed so the player isn’t restricted in movement.
-How is it designed?

The equipment is designed in order try to fully immerse the player. You have the headset to take over visual and hearing senses. Then  you have the suit in order to simulate touch. Then you have the treadmill in order you allow free movement.
-How can it be hacked?

Your location can be tracked through it. That’s the most that happened.
-Other shows that use similar tech?

None that I can think off.

-How would you improve it?

I would maybe try to find a way to have it that you would only need the headset. Have it that the headset highjacks your brainwaves and brain receptors. In order to use it in the game instead.
-Does it exist in real life?

The closest thing we have to the OASIS is the Void. Which is a obstacle course that replicates the world in VR. Then there is also VR chat. Which allows you to explore worlds and choose a avatar. The closest thing to haptic suits is Tesla suits and Haptic gloves. Which let you feel temperature and touch. While the gloves allow you to move your and more freely. The closest thing  to the Omni Directional treadmill is the Omni.
-Prepare a video where we see it in action (no more than 5min) 

VR in Unity

  1. What I did was download the oculus software on my desktop.
  2. Once downloaded you must keep the oculus app open.
  3. Enter unity.
  4. Go to unity asset store and download unity integration.
  5. Once downloaded. Go to edit then project settings.
  6. Then go to player to make sure VR support is on. If not turn it on.
  7. Then you should be able to just plug in your VR headset.
  8. If it doesn’t work. Run the oculus app on administrator mode.

AR in Unity

  1. Open unity hub and go to installs
  2. Install the iOS support
  3. Then make a project
  4. Go to project manager
  5. Download AR Foundation, ARCore XR Plugin, and ARKit Face Tracking
  6. Go to file
  7. Then build settings
  8. Change platform to iOS and click switch platform
  9. Delete the main camera in your hierarchy
  10. Add a AR Session Origin and a AR Session

The main reason I couldn’t get it to work is because I don’t have a mac.

ARPortal in Unity

  1. Install Android support
  2. Download Gradle 5.6.4
  3. Make material for smokeroom
  4. Add material
  5. Add texture of smokeroom to material
  6. Bring smokeroom into scene
  7. Move smokeroom under PortalPlane
  8. Make smokeroom into prefab
  9. Add material to smokeroom
  10. Turn off Sponza
  11. Go to PortalPlane Script and change Sponza to the smokeroom prefab


VR Final Project

  1. Added oculus functionality
  2. added assets (church, gate, door, and etc)
  3. added a terrain
  4. added textures to the terrain
  5. added trees

VR Final Project Update

  1.  Added working menu
  2. Added dialogue scene
  3. Fixed up terrain
  4. Added more models
  5. Got Gitfork to work
  6. Added monster to follow you
  7. Added pick up system
  8. Added Win and Lose Scenes

Update on VR Finale Project 12/11/2020

  1. Fixed problem with monster
  2. Added functionality to win and lose screen
  3. Added background image to win and lose screen
  4. Added fog and changed the atmosphere of the game
  5. Fixed issue with cross
  6.  Added throwable object that would stun the monster

Finale Update Project 12/17/2020


  1. Added Post processing
  2.  Changed collecting system
    1.  We got rid of the grab script on the cross. Made it that it has to detect the players hitbox must be detected in order to add to the faith
  3.  Changed Fog
    1. Added a particle system by adding the standardassetpack through the unity asset store.
    2. Added the Duststorm prefab from the standardassetpack.
  4.  Added speed up mechanic with monster
    1. Added conditionals for speed state.
    2. Made it that when faith increases. The speed state is increased by 5.
  5.  Changed synopsis
  6. Fixed variables in code.
  7. Made it that variables reset when you decide to replay