Professional Goals

Staying informed with social issues is very important when making the commitment to lifelong learning. It is important because social media use growing quickly and there are people that do not have the access to resources because of many dynamics such as, lack of technology, lack of knowledge, and lack of monetary means to obtain the technology. Some people do not have access to information of issues that are occurring in their communities, their cities, their states, and the country. If myself as a Human Service professional am not informed and up to date with the social issues of my own community or the issues around my agency, or social issues in general, how am I going to provide effective services to my clients?

I am interested in obtaining my Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) Requirements. I want to obtain the CASAC certification because as a Human Service professional I want to focus on working with youth. With any vulnerable population the issue of substance abuse is present and if we are able to create preventive programs and services for our youth, then we have a better chance youth to not become involved in substance abuse. This would also help youth develop into young adult hood and on with the knowledge and awareness of the the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol.

I am also interested in going to graduate school for Social Work. There are two schools I am interested in attending. I want to attend either Stony Brook or Lehman College. I believe that getting my MSW will not just prepare to be a more effective professional but it will encourage me to continue my studies. Continuing beyond my masters is part of my commitment to life long learning. After sitting in during a panel where some of my professors spoke about their path to the present, I was inspired to never stop learning and to one day go for my Doctorate in Social Work.

This semester I will be done with my undergrad and I want to obtain my CASAC and my MSW within the next three years because each degree, certificate, or license I obtain prepares me to be a tool to help liberate, educate, advocate, and service persons at an optima level.