About Me

My name is Alex Velasquez and have I worked for my agency for 10 years. My first 6 years I worked at the I.S.93 Beacon after school program and I held various positions from after school counselor up to program supervisor. The other 4 years I have been working as work force development case manager. I am currently attending the New York City College of Technology and I will be done with my bachelors in Human Services this Fall Semester of 2015.

I am interested in working with youth because I believe that our youth continuously need support and services in order to transition into adulthood in a positive way. Not all youth have the opportunity to receive support from their family and friends so instead they look for support in bad influences. Programs and their trained professionals should be available to provide support in their communities.

One issue the youth are facing is substance abuse and how its growing rapidly within our youth. Youth are experimenting with dangerous substances at an earlier age. The youth need programs and services that will teach prevention, treat them and rehabilitate them.