Course Work and Competencies

The counseling methods course thought me how to put into practice counseling methods terminology and skills. In this I learned when to use close and open ended questions in order to intentionally get important and specific information out of the client . I also learned that the silent technique is important during a counseling session because it allows the client to reflect and continue to talk and it also demonstrates to the client that I truly am interested in their story. The counseling method course also allowed us role play and use techniques and strategies to gain as much information from the client in order to service them effectively. During the role playing, I was fortunate enough to work with a classmate that made the counseling session challenging for me when I played the role of the counselor.

The group work practice course taught me tips and strategies on how to improve the way I facilitate. I have facilitated workshops prior to taking this course for my agency but taking this course has helped me sharpen skills I already possess and helped me learn new ones. I look back on what I learned in this course and I put it to practice when I facilitate workshops for disconnected youth to this day.

The third course that really helped me as well was the professional internship courses. The professors allowed the students to vent about our internships and reflect on the skills and theories we have learned in class and how we should apply it at our internships. The professors I had truly helped us connect theory and skill set to the practice. The professors also created panels where they invited guest speakers to talk to the students about career paths in human services/ social work, resume building, and much more.



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HUS 3501 COUNSELING METHODS This course builds on the knowledge of counseling theories established in HUS 1201, Elements of Counseling. The focus is on the development of practice skills used in human services agencies.
HUS 3504


Building upon the principles and theories of small group behavior established in HUS 1206- Group Dynamics. Student will apply theories in developing skills in group work practice in human services including group design and formation based upon the stages of group development. Special consideration is given to human services group models that will help the student to understand the impact of the group on the individual’s behavior.
HUS 4700 PROFESSIONAL INTERNSHIP This course provides students with a professionally supervised field work experience in a human service agency. On campus weekly classroom seminars assess student progress toward learning objectives, explore student concerns and professional practice issues. The development of responsible and appropriate problem solving techniques is emphasized.