Homework Response: Documenting Hurricane Sandy

Throughout the storm of Hurricane Sandy, many people on the internet and especially social networks posted information and pictures having to do with the storm. Many of the posts were true but some were fake. I feel like there was not a purpose to the fake pictures and misleading information. Many people lost their lives during the storm and to post funny or even more horrific pictures or information was wrong. For example, the pictures of the New York skyline that were fake were pointless. The real New York skyline was already gloomy and a horrific sight because the sky almost never looks like that so there was no need to fake a picture. The one of the shark is the worst because it made people afraid to even walk outside even after the storm was over. Adding fear and heartache into peoples lives is never funny nor should it be taken lightly. Although there was a lot of information that was fake the real info and pictures were very helpful. It gave the people who had power insight into what other people in New York had to deal with and also gave them ideas on how to help them.

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