Post-Hurricane Notes: Exam 2 Postponed

The Williamsburg Bridge, one half in light, other half in the dark via Gothamist

I hope you and your families are safe and recovering from the storm. As we work to return to ‘normal’ and classes have resumed at CityTech, please take extra time to get to school since many bus and subway lines have been disrupted.  CityTech’s home page is a good place to start with links to the MTA, etc. We will postpone Exam 2 at least until Thursday, Nov 15th. We’ll discuss this further in class this coming Tuesday.  The short list for Exam 2 is posted and you can study the works of art as well as the vocabulary.  You can find this short list under the slide list on the class web page. Thanks to all who have been posting on Discussion Topics, I will put another up related to Exam 2 later today. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!

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